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QUARTZ (Clear)

This is another gemstone that is called by many names. Common ones are "Rock Crystal" and "Crystal Quartz". The name describes it: quartz that is clear and colorless. Most pieces will have a bit of depth provided by small impurities or tiny fracture lines in the crystal.
Quartz is the most common mineral on the Earth’s crust and is a component of almost every rock type. Yet, quartz has more colors and forms than any other stone because of this very abundance. The powerful atomic structure of this pyramid-shaped crystal gives it magical powers that are as apparent in today’s computers as they are in new age belief and folklore.


Rose Quartz is a much rarer form of common clear quartz (or rock crystal). It has a rosy-red hue that may be fairly cloudy as a result of streaking by small fissures. It sometimes contains rutile inclusions dense enough to form a star.
Rose quartz seems to have a healing quality of its own. Dealing with the heart of the individual, with love and emotion leading to a feeling of inner peace. A calming strone that exposes emotional unbalances. Said to reduce high blood-pressure.

QUARTZ (Rutilated)

Rutilated Quartz comes in a variety of colors and ranges from colorless to yellow, brown, purple, and gray. It is vitreous in luster and ranges from opaque to transparent. Rutile is titanium dioxide, often forming needle-like structures within quartz. When quartz is rutilated it looks like small bars of gold are embedded in it. It can be difficult to attain a smooth surface without any pits because of the differences of hardness between rutile and quartz.

QUARTZ (Toumilated)

Tourmlinated Quartz is transparent quartz that contains needles of black tourmaline, with a luster that can range anywhere from vitreous to dull. It's valued because of the tourmaline inclusions. Tourmlinated quartz is one of the more rare members of the Included Quartz group. It is similar to rutilated quartz and is largely found in Brazil and California.
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