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How to Use a Crimp

Crimp beads are the ideal way to finish your beading project professionally.It is a simple and great way to secure all of your beading projects! Add a crimp cover over it for a professional look!


Step by Step Instructions:
The crimp tool has two notches, or "stations." The first station, which is farthest from the tip of the tool, has a dimple in the middle and is used to squeeze the crimp into a "figure 8" shape. The second station, which is closest to the tip of the tool, is used to fold the crimp and form it into a nice shape.

Step 1: The first step is to place a crimp onto your jewelry wire and push it up an inch or so. Next, run the wire through the loop on your clasp and back through the crimp, as shown in the picture. Push the crimp up to the loop on the clasp, but do not make it so tight that you lose movement in the wire

Step 2: While holding the crimp in the first station of the crimping tool, use your fingers to separate the wires so that they lie on each side of the tube.

Step 3: Next, squeeze the crimping tool, bringing the dimple down in between the two wires so that the strands are trapped on opposite sides of what now looks like a figure 8. It is important that you do not squeeze the crimping tool too hard, because this will weaken the crimp. Instead, squeeze as hard as you would shake someone's hand

Step 4: You will then move the crimp to the second station of your crimping tool, where you will "fold" the crimp tube into a nice tubular shape. Give it a handshake squeeze and you're done.

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