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How to use a Beadboard

First, there are a few different types of beadboards, but most will at the very least have one long groove around the board where you set your beads as you prepare to string. On either side of this groove are markings and numbers. Each long mark represents an inch, and each of the shorter marks represent a half inch. These markings help you determine the final length of a piece of beaded jewelry. In the center of the board, are small extra compartments where you can store beads as you work.

You'll also find some bead boards have more than one groove. This is helpful if you plan to string a beaded piece that has more than one strand. With multi-strand necklaces and bracelets, these grooves will help you ensure that they are the same length or in graduated lengths, depending on what you want to design.

Once you have your bead board ready, itís time to select your beads and start to add them to the groove in the board. At this point, donít worry about length or what goes where, just get your beads together and start adding them to the board.

The next step is to start determining where you want to place your beads in the design. If you already have a pattern to follow, great, just go ahead and put them in the correct order on your board. However, if you are not sure what pattern you plan to string yet, this is when a board becomes super handy. Just play with the arrangement of your beads, moving them into different configurations until you find a design that you like.

Now you are ready to go ahead and string up your beads onto your stringing material.

*Remember to always allow about 1 inch or so for the clasp. This is something to always consider before finishing a piece of beaded jewelry.
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