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How to Wire Wrap a Briolette

Wire-wrapped top-drilled beads, or briolette shaped beads, make a wonderful drop or dangle from a bracelet or necklace chain. They also make quick gorgeous earrings--just take a pair of briolette beads, follow the instructions below, then top with a crystal or other small decorative bead and attach to earring findings with a top loop.

Chain Nose pliers ,Round nose pliers ,Wire Cutters ,Bent Chain Nose pliers
24 gauge dead soft wire or 26 gauge dead soft wire
(depending on the size of the briolette)

Step 1: a) Slip a briolette onto the wire.
b) Leave 1/2" of the tail showing.

Step 2: Pinch both wires at the top of the briolette to form the shape of a triangle.

Step 3: Confirm that the briolette is centered inside the triangle.

Step 4: Using the Chain Nose pliers grab both wires above the triangle.

Step 5: Bend the longer wire into a right angle.

Step 6: a)Switch to the Round nose pliers.
b)Place the tips of the pliers above and below the longer wire, at the right angle.

Step 7: Bring the end of the wire up and over the top plier up.

Step 8: Rotate the bottom plier tip to the top of the loop.

Step 9: Continue bending the wire around the bottom plier tip.When the circle is complete, center it above the briolette.

Step 10: Hold the circle and the short wire together with the bent nose plier.

Step 11: Starting at the base of the loop, begin wrapping the longer wire in the space between the loop and top of the wire triangle.

Step 12: At this point you have design choice.:
a) Cut the wire at the top of the briolette and skip to down to Step 15
b) Cap the briolette and continue to Step 13

Step 13: Continue to wrap until you have run out of wire. Most prefer to wrap below the hole.

Step 14: Cut the excess wire off to the side of the briolette.

Step 15: Bend the short wire down to a right angle.

Step 16: Cut the wire flush against the loop.

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